Tough Choice to Make

One of the advantages of being an artist for over 20 years, is that you get invited to do some really interesting things. It's always an honor to be involved with the local creative community whenever I can. Last week I had the pleasure of being one of three judges to select the winning paintings in a local art competition. The juried theme was "Barnes of Essex County" presented by the Association of Representational Artists. The other two distinguished judges were  Mayor Ken Antaya of LaSalle, and Curator of the Gibson Gallery, Bonnie Deslippe.
Judges Mayor Ken Antaya with Artist Shirley Williams

Judges Mayor Ken Antaya with Artist Shirley Williams

 The ARA is a nonprofit group of artists since 1978, with a focus on representational paintings and sculpture.

This year's theme “Barns of Essex County” is meant to help preserve the memory of our agricultural heritage through art. We know that some of our older barn structures are falling to time and age and are being replaced by newer architecture.

The paintings in the competition were judged on adherence to the theme, skill in execution of medium, design, composition and overall merit.

Nine paintings had been pre-juried and we three judges were asked to select the winners.

It was a tough choice because each painting was really well done. There were a variety of mediums - watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel and mixed media, all handled with great technical ability. Plus, each painting displayed a unique style and great sensitivity to their subject.

We had no idea whose paintings we were judging because the artists' signatures had been taped out.

Even though I'm an abstract artist, (and not a member of ARA) my fundamental training was representational drawing and painting, so I have a great appreciation for this style of art. Lots of talent in this group for sure !

The Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal awards were presented the following evening at the reception. The Gold Medal winner was one of the area's favorite representational painters, Dennis Smith.   dennis-smithUnfortunately the photo of his winning painting came out very blurry so I can't show it here.


If you'd like to see his painting, along with about 75 other member's excellent paintings there's still time. I encourage you to go see this terrific group show.

Their exhibition and sale runs to Sunday, Nov 13, 2016 Windsor Crossing Premium Outlet Mall Unit 110 – 1555 Talbot Rd. LaSalle

Hours:  Thurs. 10am- 9pm, Fri. 10am - 9pm, Sat.10am-6pm & Sun.12noon – 4pm

Closed: Mondays, Tuesday & Wednesday.

Go take a look!!

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