Video Interview

Shirley Williams Artist Headshot

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my friend, California artist, Nicholas Wilton. It was a lively conversation via Skype that veered all over the map and lasted well over an hour. Nicholas was mostly interested in the long and winding road that I’ve traveled since 1992 when I made the decision […]

Watch Me Paint a Large Canvas

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a young Journalist named Matt Recker. He wanted to shoot a Video Profile of me in the studio for a Graduate Project.

Matt Recker setting

My first thought was, ‘What fun! ‘

In the 1980’s, before becoming a full-time artist, I was a Video Producer in Toronto. So I […]

Live Painting Video

Take a peek at this short video of me painting and talking about my inspirations and methods. It was produced by my global art licensing agent in Austin, Texas, New Era Portfolio.