The original space.

In only 9 short days Shirley will be opening her studio for the first time in three years! In preparation for this and a new series that Shirley has been working towards, there has been a great deal of changes going on around here. She frequently jokes with me, comparing strength as […]

Client Appreciation Paint Party

Team Awesome!

One of the exciting projects we’ve been working on in the past few weeks was a fun corporate client appreciation paint party. Shirley was contacted by a good client, who also happens to a Senior Vice President of a Financial Institution. He and his firm are passionate about their clients. They wanted to […]

Hi! I'm Christy!

Over the past two months there have been some exciting changes at Shirley’s studio. One of the most exciting – at least from my perspective – is that I have come on as Shirley’s assistant!

Hello there, my name is Christy Litster. I am an emerging artist and illustrator specializing in, well, I’m just figuring all […]