My6 Steps to a More Creative Life

A few weeks ago, while visiting my Mom & Dad in Shediac, New Brunswick, I received a disappointing email. My wonderful studio assistant, Christy Litster had been offered a full-time dream job and was regretfully resigning.

I’m actually happy for her. Christy is very talented and has the potential to do great work. In the eight […]

Summer Projects in the Studio

How are you enjoying your summer so far? Everybody, everywhere seems to be talking about the weather.

Here in Windsor, we’ve had record setting amounts of rain with the wettest June in 75 years. While the rest of us pray for sunshine to lighten our spirits, the area farmers are struggling with swampy fields.

This summer, I’m […]


The original space.

In only 9 short days Shirley will be opening her studio for the first time in three years! In preparation for this and a new series that Shirley has been working towards, there has been a great deal of changes going on around here. She frequently jokes with me, comparing strength as […]

Exciting Changes

There have been lots of exciting changes at my studio the past few months. These changes will help make it easier to stay in touch.

You won’t want to miss a thing being planned !

My previous Studio Assistant, Harmony Pillon, left for the jungles of Argentina some time ago. She went to participate in a sustainable […]

Client Appreciation Paint Party

Team Awesome!

One of the exciting projects we’ve been working on in the past few weeks was a fun corporate client appreciation paint party. Shirley was contacted by a good client, who also happens to a Senior Vice President of a Financial Institution. He and his firm are passionate about their clients. They wanted to […]

Hi! I'm Christy!

Over the past two months there have been some exciting changes at Shirley’s studio. One of the most exciting – at least from my perspective – is that I have come on as Shirley’s assistant!

Hello there, my name is Christy Litster. I am an emerging artist and illustrator specializing in, well, I’m just figuring all […]