Caesars Features One of My Paintings

Out of the blue last week, I got a call from the designer/art consultant Helena Ventrella. She needed an oversized painting right away, for a massive wall in Caesars Casino Windsor.

The Grand Opening Launch event for Caesar’s spectacular VIP Banquet room, ‘Augustus-27’ was scheduled for two nights later.

Abstract Painting by Shirley Williams,

'Forces of Nature' acrylic on canvas, 60 x 96 inches © Shirley Williams

I sent her some images and she emailed me right away with an approved choice. This was followed by a flurry of purchase orders and forms that the Casino requires.

Usually, any painting 6 x 4 feet or smaller, is simply loaded into my van and delivered to clients if they're in my area.

But this painting measures 6 x 8 feet ! Way too huge for my van. Fortunately, my trainer and helpful friend, Ben Graham, came to my rescue with his new truck.

 The painting was installed the next day after delivering it. The invitation to the VIP Launch Party was in my Inbox when I got back to the studio. I was pretty pumped.

Augustus-27 Launch

Augustus-27 Launch

  • The Augustus-27 Room is amazing!!
  • 30-foot high floor to ceiling windows
  • 360 degrees of view
  • breathtaking view of Canada (Windsor) & the US (Detroit) as far as the eye can see.
    Ambassador Bridge, Windsor & Detroit

    Ambassador Bridge, Windsor & Detroit

    View of Detroit, Michigan from Canadian side

    View of Detroit, Michigan from Canadian side

    View of Caesars Windsor & Detroit River

    View of Caesars Windsor & Detroit River

The Launch Party was fantastic! There was a definite buzz of electric excitement in the room!img_0744 Unfortunately, the lighting on my painting had a strong blue cast, which really washed out the colors. Oh, well. Things can't always be perfect. The Casino didn't buy the painting, though. Instead, they're leasing it for three months.  They  thoughtfully urged me to add a label off to the side of the painting so anyone interested could get in touch with me. It's a great honor and opportunity to have my work featured so prominently. Maybe someone with a large enough wall with fall in love with 'Forces of Nature' and want to take it home.
With Mayor, Drew Dilkens & brother-in-law, Bob Williams

With Mayor, Drew Dilkens & brother-in-law, Bob Williams


2 comments to Caesars Features One of My Paintings

  • Peter Simone

    We DO miss your lovely Christmas cards from days past. We did feel that we fell off your list so thank you for your explanation as to why you stopped sending them. Of course we had no idea the amount of time and effort you put into creating small masterpieces. If only we stopped to think a bit we might have realized, but duuuuhhhhh!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours and all the best in the New Year and beyond.
    Peter & Annette Simone

  • Eileen Anderson

    Congratulations! What a wonderful hail to your beautiful craft.Your rendition of the night made me experience the electric shiver. Thrilled for your work to be honoured at such a gala event. The 3 month exhibit no doubt will net you many new possibilities.Anyone that owns your work would be so very happy for you to have this additional exposure.Way to go!

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