Art Gallery of Windsor's 'Sip & Paint'

The ‘Sip & Paint’ evening hosted by the Art Gallery of Windsor on October 27th, 2016 was a smashing success !!

AGW 'Sip & Paint' set up before workshop

AGW ‘Sip & Paint’ set up before workshop

It was the first time the gallery had tried something like this. The more generic “Sip & Paint” evenings popular at restaurants and bars are all the rage right now. These are usually more focused on the drinking and partying, with little true creativity in the painting lesson.

So the AGW asked me to create a totally unique workshop experience. Yes, of course, there was fantastic catered appetizers great wine, and relaxed fun ! But the bonuses were the spectacular view of Detroit across the Detroit River, the ambiance of the AGW museum and a memorable  art workshop experience.

Getting started with wine and first steps

Getting started with wine and first steps

With 22 participants, it was a much larger group than we had anticipated. Thank goodness local artist Jude Quick volunteered to help me. Otherwise, I would have been overwhelmed. Thanks a million Jude !!!!

Most participants had never painted before and it was natural to be a bit hesitant. But everyone loosened up after a glass of wine and began to really enjoy themselves. Their abstract paintings quickly began to take shape as I led them all through a series of simple steps.  Every step allowed room for each person’s individual creative choices.

By the end of the evening, every person took home their own totally amazing painting on canvas measuring 20 x 16 inches. Every painting was different and truly good enough to hang proudly on their walls.

Helping participants and answering questions

Helping participants and answering questions

I had a wonderful time sharing my experience and creating a fun night out for everyone.









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