Cool Colors ‘Natural Networks’ – AGW Exhibit

'Natural Networks' ID-1038, 36"x36", (c) 2010 Shirley Williams

Here are the 4 canvases in the ‘Natural Networks’ series in the Cool Color range. Each painting is acrylic on canvas and measures 36″ x 36″.

'Natural Networks' ID-1038, 36"x36", (c) 2010 Shirley Williams

'Natural Networks' ID-1037, 36"x36", (c) 2010 Shirley Williams

'Natural […]

Warm ‘Natural Networks’ AGW Exhibit

'Natural Networks' ID-1036, 36"x36" (c) 2010 Shirley Williams

As part of my exhibition at the AGW called ‘Forces of Nature’, is a series of 7 canvases called “Natural Networks”. There is actually an eighth in this series of 36″ x 36″ canvases. But we ran out of wall space. The lonely “orphan” is in […]

Cool “Spectrum” Paintings

Here are the 4 Cool paintings in the series.

Shirley Williams 'Violet Spectrum' ID-1014, 72"x36" (c)2010

Shirley Williams 'Blue Spectrum' ID-1021, 72"x36" (c)2010

Shirley Williams 'Blue Spectrum' ID-1027, 72"x36" (c)2010

Shirley Williams 'Green Spectrum' ID-1028, 72"x36" (c) 2010


Warm “Spectrum” Paintings

This series of 8 paintings called “Waterfall Spectrum” are each 72″ high and 36″ wide. There are 4 in the warm range and 4 in the cool range. They have been hung in the “Forces of Nature” exhibit at the AGW with the warm on one wall and the cool on the opposite wall. This […]

New Art Photos Posted Daily

Happy Holidays !! I am overwhelmed and deeply touched by the positive response to my paintings at last night’s Opening of my AGW exhibit “Forces of Nature” Thank you to each of you who came. What fun to see about 200 people simply vibrating with a positive hum. I was a little busy !!! 🙂 […]

Windsor Star Reviews my Museum Exhibit

Happy Holidays Everyone ! In case you missed it or live out of the area, here is the Windsor Star review of my exhibition currently at the Art Gallery of Windsor. Ted Shaw really captured my evolution and motivations as a painter – and the meaning of this new body of work. For those of […]