My Latest Color Studies

It’s been a busy week. To begin with, I photographed and cataloged a series of 12 small paintings. They’re part of a series of 8″ x 8″ studies in preparation for the massive paintings I need to create for my museum exhibition in 2010-2011. They’re all multiple layers of acrylic on paper mounted on 1/2″ […]

Show Me a Sign

During these unsettling times, it’s challenging to make it through a day without being bombarded with negative, gloomy news. For artists it can be even more challenging. In talking to other artists and reading Blogs online, I repeatedly hear the anguish and self-doubt. As most people focus on merely coping with their lives, art and […]

Hanging Out with Andy Warhol

Wow ! I just can’t believe it’s been 6 whole weeks since I’ve blogged. My most humble apologies to all of you who read this. You know how it it is. Life gets busy, and Blogging is one of those things on the to-do list that always seems like it can wait another day. The […]