Artists – Don’t Let This Happen to You

Last week, an artist friend of mine told me a sad story. This artist felt very fortunate to have a consistent group of collectors who always bought at her monthly Open Studios. To document her work she was in the habit of simply taking a quick snapshot with her phone. She couldn’t see the point […]

Invited to do a Local Solo Show

It’s been a few years since I’ve had the chance to exhibit my paintings locally. Mostly, it’s because shows take a long time to create and I’ve been busy with Toronto and Dallas commitments. Windsor has a population of about 200,000 people and is right across the river from Detroit with another million people. With […]

Bad Times Good for Art Long-Term

Since the 1980’s, the high-end art-world has been gripped my a feverish madness. As the number of millionaires and billionaires grew exponentially in the world economy, so too did the demand for contemporary art. This created a feeding frenzy which spawned overnight art stars with millions of dollars being thrown at them by frenzied collectors. […]

Facebook is my New Religion

Yes, I came kicking and screaming. But finally after much gnashing of teeth, I came around to the conclusion that social networking is here to stay, and I’d better jump on this fast moving train. The minute I made my mind up to give it a serious try, something strange happened. – It started to […]

Dallas Exhibition Ends

My solo exhibition called “VISTAS” at Alan Barnes Fine Art in Dallas which ran from January 12th, closed this past Thursday, March 12th. Alan Barnes will keep some of the unsold paintings to continue to show clients, as is normal with gallery representation. The balance of the unsold work is now being crated to be […]

My Coping Strategy & Latest Painting

Here’s my personal opinion on the current “Great Depression” and how I cope with it as an artist. My observation is there’s just too much free-floating anxiety everywhere these days. That’s not to minimize the fact that some people are truly having serious problems. But the constant barrage of “the sky is falling” media coverage, […]

Put Artists in Charge

An article in this morning’s Toronto Globe & Mail newspaper, made me chuckle. It quoted choreographer, Liz Lerman from who wrote her proposal to solve some of our economic problems. She suggests a job swap, putting corporate executives to work as artists while the artists run Wall Street. Here are the advantage of her […]