Re-Focus Time

I’ve been a little preoccupied the past few weeks with being one of the 11 “experts” during the SmArtist Telesummit 2009. With the launch of my e-Book happening at the same time, my email box has been swamped with hundreds of comments and questions. Responding to each one individually has been a bit overwhelming. Although […]

My E-Book Launched

Well after much editing and fine-tuning, my E-Book for professional artists is finally launched !!!!!! Stand out in a Crowd with Dazzling Photos It’s being published online by SmArtist. In it I share step-by step instructions and tips for artists to put their best foot forward through their portfolios and websites. Click This Link Below […]

Panelist on SmARTIST 2009

I’m in my studio this morning bundled up like the Michelin Man trying to get warm. Even with the furnace full blast in the warehouse, I can still see my breath. There’s no insulation between the concrete block walls and the outside air and the big garage door leaks frigid air like a sieve. Canada […]

Dallas Exhibition

Just returned from 3 days of gorgeous, sunny 70°F in Dallas and greeted by a blizzard, 6″ of snow and a nasty 23°F. It’s such a shock to the system. This trip was a pretty intense working session. 4000 each of my 28 page Exhibition Catalog, Opening Invitation Card which will be inserted into the […]

Pricing Artwork Internationally

Tomorrow, I’m leaving for another quick trip down to Dallas for pre-exhibition meetings at Alan Barnes Fine Art. There are a lot of details to go over during the 2 days I’m there. One of the first things we need to do is finalize the pricing for my art. The exhibition will feature 37 small […]

Amazing Network of Professionals

Yesterday, I received a wonderful surprise email from Alyson Stanfield at ArtBizCoach in Denver, Colorado. For any artist hoping to make a career in this most uncertain business, Alyson is the best professional coach out there. She’s worked in museums and commercial galleries and knows the art world inside out. Her Blog is always a […]

Happy New Year !

Time is such a slippery, nebulous entity. For some it drags on minute by endless minute and for others it flashes by in a blur. For me, time tends to whiz by with the velocity of a runaway train. Staying focused on the moment we’re in right now is always a challenge, isn’t it? Our […]